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Interesting Ways to Improve Your Musical Creativity and Business

online guitar lessonsIf you’re a singer or rapper then you definitely need to be marketing your music. You can make great music but nobody listens to it then you’re no further along than when you started.

That’s not to say that marketing is more important than being in the play. You want to make sure that your skills are on point.

So when you’re first starting out make sure that your learning how to sing or how to rap in the best way possible. If you plan instrument like the guitar with the piano then make sure that your learning how to play those instruments properly.

You really need to giggle at your craft you can make great music. For instance learning how to sing better is important for songwriters. A lot of songwriters will find a training program for singers to help them master the craft better.

how to make beatsIf you’re just a singer or rapper you’re likely buying beats, so get good at buying rap beats online. There are a ton of options out there, but not all instrumentals are created equal. You want to make sure that you’re buying beats online that are good enough to rise through the crowded music industry.

But you could also try and learn how to make your own beats and instrumentals too. There are a lot of free video courses on beat making that can get you started. But it’s something you have to really put time towards before you become great at it.

Once you’ve got your actual songs ready to go, you should start marketing them. But make sure your songs are really ready to go and not on an amateur level. Nobody’s gonna listen to some amateur BS when they got so many options for great, professional music out there.

One of the best ways to do this promotion of your music is something called content marketing. The musicians can do content marketing in a variety of ways.

online singing lessonsThe idea is to create lots of great pieces of content that you distribute online to keep your fans engaged with you. You can send in studio pics or videos, blog posts photos and many other things. The idea is to just always keep people entertained with your brand.

Content marketing works well because it keeps people interested in you. Think about it like this. If you follow an artist’s career for several months and every day there tweeting or sharing something new about their life as a musician you’re gonna be very likely to buy their music.

If, however, and artists doesn’t really keep themselves on the top your mind and only tweets about their music once or twice or share something every month, you’re likely to forget about their music when it actually comes out.

That’s why content marketing works so well for musicians and can really help you grow your fan base to new heights. If you like to learn more about this idea in music marketing then definitely check of various blogs online. There’s a lot of great articles on how you can go about this in specific things you can do to engage with your fans on a constant basis.

If you’re becoming a singer or rapper and you’ve got great beats and music then the next thing is to work on your craft and get people to listen to your music.

But let’s take it back to the idea of improving your musical creativity. You don’t ever want to run out of creative juice, but sometimes writers block can set in. If that happens one of the best things to do can be to learn an instrument like the piano or guitar.

I’ve personally taken some online guitar lessons I found here and they helped me immensely. They helped put new life into my creative inspiration. You should try it too sometime.

Check out an example in the video below: