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Anybody who consider in purchasing of audio making devices for security or for spying need to go out to their way in knowing their rights and the limitations once it comes to the use of these devices. The law is rather wide when it comes to making video of just about anyone. The same is not so of audio. In many states it is illegal to tape someone’s voice without their express permission. This is why you are often told, “this call will be made” when you speak to a customer service representative. By staying on the line, you are giving that permission. Of course, if your aims are to spy or create better security, then telling the individual in question they will be recorded defeats the purpose.

This is a strange and exciting time in America as it pertains to the use of audio making devices and other technology designed to capture video and sound on a daily basis. Smart phones and small cameras have given us surveillance all around the country. When you hear about a big event going down, it has now become commonplace for video of the incident to show up on YouTube not long after the fact. There have been several cases-and there are sure to be many more-where the courts have had to decide on an individual’s rights when it comes tomaking law enforcement. Thus far, the courts have come down almost inevitably on the rights of the citizen.

We are coming to a crossroads in this country and around the world where privacy is very quickly becoming a thing of the past, at least in terms of how it used to be. With websites like Facebook, many millions of people give up their privacy voluntarily, flooding the site with status updates, which tell each other exactly what they are doing and where they are at any given time. Small cameras and smart phones record millions of hours of video and audio every year. Rogue sites like WikiLeaks are showing that not even the government is free from the elimination of privacy and secrecy.

No matter how you feel about this changing paradigm in becoming a better musician; however, you must keep track of what the laws are currently in your own jurisdiction. Unless you are determined to be on the wrong side of the law intentionally so as to challenge that law in court, you’ll want to make yourself aware of what is legal and what is not. Audio making devices, spy cameras, and the security technology all have the place, but you need to make sure you are abiding by the law.